We offer a range of high quality services to meet our customers’ requirements with high quality results, including:


With abundant experience in the aluminium/brass alloy forming OEM industry, we offer practical solutions for designing price-competitive components during a project’s initial stages. Our consulting will reduce the waste of time and resources.


After evaluation of the 2D/3D engineering models, the unique dies will be created. The service life of a die depends on how operators are using and taking care of it. Based on experience of Action Fast, the service life of our dies is longer than average in this industry.


Action Fast specializes in hot and cold close-die forging with our under 2000-ton press machine. We offer custom-make process depending on our engineering model. Forging process will change the property of the component and make it stronger and more lightweight. There are different techniques of forging. Action fast will decide the best way to manufacture the product depending on customers’ requirements.

heat treatment

To maximally/better adapt the property of metal components to your project, we offer heat treatment services, from homogenizing, annealing, natural aging, precipitation hardening, and quenching. Action fast will provide you the best solution to meet your requirements. If the service is not listed above, please contact us directly!


We have a variety of conventional machining methods depends on what customers’ requirements. With skillful operators manipulate the machine, the desired-shape of product is manufactured in different type of machine such us CNC, lathe, miling, drilling and so on. Feel free to contact us if you have different requirements!

With our variety of machining capacities, including CNC, lathe, miling, drilling and so on, our skilled staff is able to design with precision according your desired specifications. Feel free to contact us if you have different requirements!

Surface treatment / surface finishing

We offer a variety of surface treatment options to extend service-life and increase added-value of the final product, improving resistance to corrosion and heat, resilience against wear and tear, maximizing electrical conductivity, and increasing aesthetic appeal. Our services include anodizing, blasting, polishing, stain brushing, electric painting, coating, and more. Contact us if you have any questions!

Quality Assurance

We are meticulous about ensuring we deliver only the highest quality material. A careful inspection is performed by experts at every stage of the manufacturing process, and each product is cleared with a final, thorough quality assurance check before the shipment stage.


We offer a variety of packaging materials to ensure that each product, no matter what its shape or size, is delivered safely into our customers’ hands.

And more!

If your project requires other services not listed above, just ask. Our first rate facility and knowledgeable staff are prepared to meet a diverse range of specialized needs.


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